The Dark One's Journal

After My Consultation...

A hypothesis...

...with Rigamoor and Salem, we came to a conclusion. The rock seems to be able to split a person into three key elements, if the speciment has prolonged exsposure to it. Every person has these three key elements:
  • THE HEART-This “object” controls emotion. Desire, love, happiness, hate, depression. It is also the “scale” that balances out the fine line between good and evil
  • THE SOUL-This is what gives living things the ability to live. It is essentially the glue that holds the heart and body together.
  • THE BODY-Perhaps the most important part. This “thing” acts as a sort of phylactery, that contains the soul and heart, in which, if destroyed, the soul and heart cannot exist.

Something peculiar also happened. Rigamoor happen to scrape himself on the rock, and his body went limp. Not to long after and my model of our race came to life and it was Rigamoor. He was confused as to why he could see his body, as was I. This “subject” should be studied more. We’ll find a way to help you Rigamoor…



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